There is a good chance you are paying too much for your auto insurance. Unless you are an educated consumer, insurance carriers overcharge you because they can. Below are some of the most overlooked ways to save on auto insurance.

Pay Your Premium Upfront

If you can afford it, paying your 6-month car insurance bill will get you a solid discount. If you have the cash and are not paying the lump sum upfront payment, you are overpaying on car insurance.

Assess Your Amount of Coverage

If the value of your car has gone down, like all car values do, is it still worth paying for comprehensive and collision coverage? Calculate the additional insurance premium you are paying every month and compare it to the car’s blue book value less your deductible. If you have owned your car for some time now, it’s very possible your number crunching will show you’re overpaying for auto insurance.

Increase Your Deductible

The deductible is the amount you pay before the insurance company starts paying for your damages. Increasing your deductible can often have a sizeable impact on your auto insurance premium. Work with your insurance agent to assess which deductible level will provide the best discount to your insurance premium. The only downside to a higher deductible is you will have to pay more of the cost of the damage if you get into an accident.

Comparison Shop

If you have not shopped insurance rates in the last few years, you are likely overpaying. The insurance carriers fight for one another’s business and their best weapon are lower prices. Many people fail to shop insurance rates because they think it is complicated and time consuming. But if you work with an independent insurance agent who represents a large spectrum of carriers, he or she could do the heavy lifting for you.


All sorts of memberships, or even your job title, can earn you a discount. Look into all your existing alumni memberships, automotive or trade memberships and discuss with your agent to see if you can get a discount for any of them.

Miles Driven

If you rarely drive, or have a short commute, you can get a discount for just driving less.

Many Other Reasons

There are so many reasons that cause your auto insurance premium to be high including drivers’ records, home ownership vs renting, neighborhood crime, the repair costs, how your car performs in crash studies, the likelihood of your car being stolen, a teenager living in your home, your credit score, your level of education, and so much more. Talk to your agent to maximize your discounts.

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Steve Cogoni is an experienced senior insurance agent with SmartLife Insurance, which has the largest selection of auto, home and life insurance carriers in Florida and is located inside the Port St. Lucie Walmart.
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