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The SmartLife Opportunity

SmartLife is excited to have the opportunity to open hundreds of agencies in prime locations throughout the country in major Walmart SuperCenter locations. Agencies will be conveniently located inside of Walmart SuperCenters and will operate as traditional, full line insurance agencies writing personal and commercial lines of business from the many  thousands of customers that will pass by each office on a daily basis.

This creates exciting opportunities for existing insurance agencies or new partner owners to grow or start their business in these traffic locations.

Existing Agencies


Are you an existing insurance agency looking to grow? Why pay the high price of buying an agency to expand your operations when you can grow it organically in a short period of time for a fraction of the capital?

With this SmartLife opportunity you have the ability to expand your operations organically by taking advantage of the 1000’s of customers that will walk by your store front daily. It’s an opportunity to move your existing location to a Walmart Superstore location see your business explode! Or maybe create a second or third location within your city or another city, without the worry of where your new customers will come from.

 Thank you for your dedication to the insurance industry. We look forward to talking with you.

Partner owners

You can own and operate a SmartLife Insurance agency inside an Walmart Supercenter store. We are looking for unique Individuals with character and desire to grow an amazing insurance brand. 

This is an opportunity to operate a high volume, full lines, professional independent Property & Casualty, Life & Health agency located in prime Walmart SuperCenter storefronts. This market and the insurance customers are already at your doorstep.

We have available partner opportunity locations throughout the entire continental USA. We welcome your interest.

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If you are interested in learning more about this unique opportunity, contact SmartLife today!

SmartLife Opportunity

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