Investor Opportunity


The Company has negotiated and secured a strategic relationship with Walmart Stores, Inc. and Jackson Hewitt Inc. for opening insurance offices in Walmart SuperCenters on a regional and national basis. Walmart has recently granted SmartLife Insurance exclusivity as its insurance provider.

The Company plans to open 2200+ offices over the next 15 years, including 500 offices in the next 5 years. Each SmartLife Insurance office/agency projects $500,000 in premium sales annually, potentially
growing to $1-5M per office/agency. The Company projects EBITDA of $1,233,488 by the end of Year 1 postfunding (2019). Projected EBITDA for Years 2-5 postfunding is $5,981,366 Yr. 2; $19,867,673 Yr. 3;
$47,543,146 Yr. 4; and $94,949,485 Yr. 5.

Company Overview

SmartLife Insurance, Inc. is a Florida “C” corporation. The Company provides insurance services and products as a national multi-broker agency. Joseph Cherry, Jr. is the majority shareholder and the Founder, Chairman and CEO.

ROI Potential

The Company projects a potential Return On Investment (ROI) of up to 20X for current round investors.

Exit Strategy & Timing

The Company anticipates it will have a range of exit options available for its investors within 3-5 years, including an IPO, stock repurchase, or strategic acquisition.

Benefit Summary


Exposure to over three million shoppers per year per store location.


One hundred million shoppers per week visit Walmart in the U.S. alone.


Marketing and branding opportunities for select partners.


A strong working relationship with Jackson Hewitt and the #1 big box retailer, Walmart.


An exclusive opportunity to be rolled out and branded in 500 locations over a 5-year period, with a 15-year rollout of 2200+ locations.


A “One on One” approach to create customer satisfaction and loyalty while leveraging “State of the Art” interfaces in the insurance search.


The opportunity to partner with an agency organization with an unusually high understanding of our industry with proven leaders with a track record of success and doing business the right way for over three decades.

Request More Info

Contact Dr. Bruce Cook for additional information: 512-845-3070, brucecook77@gmail.com. The Company’s Business Plan, Private Placement Memorandum (PPM), Financial Projections, Impact Investing Philosophy, and Investor PowerPoint are available upon request.

Investor Opportunity

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