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Homeowners insurance is imperative when investing in a home. Accidents can happen at anytime and weather can be unpredictable, which is why it’s important to have insurance that can cover you when damage or loss occurs. Your home is a big investment, one worth protecting and you can rest at ease knowing you have this protection when you have homeowners insurance. Home insurance protects you from financial loss caused by fire, flooding, theft and even if you are found to be liable for someone’s injuries on your property. Smartlife Insurance has a policy that will provide you with everything you need so that you can live life without worry. Call us today and a representative will help set up with coverage specifically tailored to you.

Its beneficial to know what your insurance covers. Here is a list of common homeowners insurance terms to help you decide what insurance is the right fit for you.


This insurance coverage protects you from damage and possible loss done to your home from events such as fire, wind, lightning and hail by financially covering the replacement of your homes structural components. It’s important to note that earthquake insurance requires a separate endorsement. If you are interested in earthquake insurance, talk to your Smartlife representative today.

Non-dwelling structures

Separate components such as sheds and detached garages are also covered within a standard homeowners insurance policy. If something is not covered within the standard homeowners insurance policy it can be added to the policy at an additional cost.

Personal Property

If items within your home or on your property are stolen, or lost or damaged in a fire they are typically covered within a standard insurance plan. Some items include clothing, furniture and personal items but are not limited to these.

Loss of Use

In the event that your home is not liveable due to a covered loss, an homeowners insurance plan will provide you with living expenses. Cost of hotel, food bills and other living expenses incurred during the process of our homes repair will be covered.

Personal Liability Protection

This insurance coverage protects you from bodily injury or property damage lawsuits in the event someone files a lawsuit against you. This includes things like your pet biting someone through a fence.

Medical Payments

This insurance coverage pays for medical expenses in the event that someone else was injured while on your property.

When looking for a great homeowners insurance rate, Smartlife has just what your looking for. Call us today and we will help you protect one of your greatest investments.

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